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Weekly podcast with an inside look at how Off-Broadway musicals are made. Emmy® Award Winner Jacklyn Thrapp & her guests talk about the process of developing the new hit musical 'Good Morning New York.'

Hear tips, tricks and mistakes we're making along the way.



Season 1

  • How To Get Started

  • Finding A Theatre

  • Filling Seats & Making Money

  • Casting

  • Inside The Mind Of A director

  • Good Morning New York Has Big Announcement

  • Set Design & Free Costumes

  • Acting In A Non-Union Show

  • Writing A Musical (Part 1)

  • Writing A Musical (Part 2)

  • Making People Laugh!

  • Selling Merchandise

  • How To Get Sponsors (Part 1)

  • How To Get Sponsors (Part 2)

  • Feinstein’s/54 Below Q & A

  • How To Plan An Off-Broadway Schedule

  • What It’s Like To Rewrite Music

Season 2

  • Our Musical Opens In One Year

  • How To Get A Residency At An Off-Broadway Theatre

  • Podcast Takeover: Director & Composer Q & A

  • What Producers Don’t Talk About

  • Q & A W/ Producer From Broadway’s “Be More Chill” (Part 1)

  • Q & A W/ Producer From Broadway’s “Be More Chill” (Part 2)

  • Q & A W/ Producer/Writer Of “Falling Out”

  • Financial Therapy For The Arts

  • Preparing To Pitch

  • On Location: Women’s Day On Broadway

  • Copyright, Contracts & NDAs

  • Stop Using My Musical As A Pick Up Line

  • We Have Our First Sponsor

  • IndieGoGo vs. Kickstarter

  • We’re Making An Album

  • A Musical About Star Wars

  • Summer Break

  • We’re Heading To The Tony Awards (Kind Of)

  • Tony Award Nominations

  • How To Raise Money

Season 3

  • Indroducing Josee

  • The Obie Awards Special Presented by Original Sin

  • Nashville Record Producers Talk Writing A Musical

  • 2019 Tony Awards Preview

  • Pit Musician’s Perspective

  • A Look Inside New York City Life

  • How To Tell Your Music Online

  • The Power Of Marketing (And Instagram)

Season 4

  • What Is Jacki Doing?

  • Casting for Off-Broadway

  • Sponsor Backdrops & Printing

  • The Business Of Off-Broadway

  • Meet Zach Holden

  • Meet Christae Evanson

  • Producing & Recording An Album

  • What is AEA’s “Professional Name Protection” Rule?

  • Bombshell Dossier Warns Of Suspected Scammer Accused of Targeting NYC Women In ET

  • Ask Me Anything

  • Why West End Tickets Are Cheaper Than Broadway

  • Swing LIfe

  • Meet The Man Behind The Musial (Feat. Jackson Bell)

  • How To Get Into The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

  • Ticket Sales

  • That Didn’t Go As Planned…

  • A Day In The Life As An Off-Broadway Producer

  • The Most Shocking Rehearsal EVER

  • Walk and Talks

  • New York Musical Festival Abruptly Shuts Down

  • Opening Night

  • Demos vs. Off-Broadway Album

  • Off-Broadway Producer Calls For Boycott of Show Score

  • Season Finale