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"A funny and poignant show."



"Amazing musical! Go see Good Morning New York!"


QVC (Marisa Brahney)

“Lots of laughs”



" This is a MUST SEE production."



" Entertaining and heartfelt"



“Playwright Jacklyn Thrapp, who drew on many of her own journalistic experiences, finds the right balance between story and reality. The cast brings these characters to life in ways that make it easy to connect. The crew creates an overall experience that makes a trip downtown well worth it. Good Morning New York inspired me to wake up and rise with a new outlook on my own journey. So tune into the message of this show and get swept away with all it has to offer!”



Good Morning New York is a new Off-Broadway comedy musical about the behind-the-scenes of morning news shows. It is hilarious, heartwarming, and just incredibly awesome. The show tells of about the challenges New York brings in terms of life, dating, work, and pursuing your dreams. If you are in New York City before August 5th, I cannot recommend this show enough.

First off, the songs. Oh my. They are all so wonderful. I need there to be a cast recording of it on Spotify. I need these songs in my daily life.

Honestly, my friend and I chose this show because the tickets were cheap. I won't lie about that. I can't even remember how I stumbled upon it online. We had no idea what we were getting into, especially when we saw the tiny, 44-seat theater. I had listened to some of the songs on YouTube when I found the info about the show, but they didn't really give insight into the plot.

Again, seriously, go see this show.